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Promisance Server 3: Signup Form

Welcome to Promisance Server 3, the first step to running your own Warlord is to signup!

Playing Guide

Multiple Accounts ARE NOT ALLOWED in this game, including sharing accounts, baby-sitting, looking-in, etc... If you are found to have multiple accounts, they will be disabled. If you have a special situation, contact us with an explanation.

Foul language, hacking, porn, warez, bug abuse, admin abuse, etc... are not permitted. Some powerful filters have been added to block swearing - if it catches you, you will not be punished. Do not try to circumvent them.

Distribution of account passwords or clan passwords without permission is not allowed. Distribution of an account password, even with permission, is never allowed.

Players who have been banned or disabled should stay that way. Attempting to circumvent disabling by using proxies and IP masks, etc. is not allowed.

For technical support, Contact Us and describe, in precise detail, what has happened and why it should not have. Messages like, "I'm disabled, plz help" will be ignored. Messages which do not contain the name of the game, your warlord number, and a coherent message will be ignored.

The in-game messaging system is MONITORED by impartial admins, as it is part of our game. It's a really BAD idea to disclose personal (I.E. Not pertaining to the game) information across this message system. The message system, also, is subject to the rules of the game; swearing, whether explicit or masked, is not tolerated.

We really mean it about the Multiple Accounts.

Your Validation Code will be sent to the e-mail address you put in below. MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT. You will not be able to change your e-mail after this point. You need a validation code to complete more than 150 Turns.

Personal Information
Verify E-Mail:
Your personal information will remain strictly confidential.
Game Information
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Warlord Name:
Your Race: (Race Help)
By signing up, you agree to abide by the Promisance Server 3 rules,
and agree to not have multiple accounts